A New Year’s Message

Hello History Lovers!

This time of year many of us overburden ourselves with stringent resolutions and preposterous goals for the upcoming new year. Juxtaposed to our intense resolution making is a poem published in The Farmer’s Wife–A Magazine For Farm Women on New Year’s Day 1933. Its message blesses the reader with a sense of peace and a reminder of God’s love for us. Enjoy!

Starting Again With God

DRIFTING, twirling, dancing,
Downward they quietly come,
The beautiful little snowflakes,
Silently, one by one.

Not a sound do they make on their journey,
Not a note to herald their way,
Yet completely do they cover,
The blossoms of yesterday.

I stand at my window at gloaming,
And watch as they flit by,
Seeming like tiny messengers,
Coming from God on high.

Bringing a message of gladness,
A promise of wonderful love,
A symbol of that Great Power,
Who watches from above.

For like the floating snowflakes,
That cover the cold brown sod,
He erases the sins of bygone days,
And we start again with God. 

--Evangeline M., Minnesota

Happy New Year!

The poem above was originally published in The Farmer’s Wife–A Magazine For Farm Women, January 1933; Webb Publishing Company, St. Paul, Minnesota. Article may be edited for length and clarity.

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