The Farmer’s Wife

The proclaimed mission of The Farmer’s Wife magazine was to be the voice of and for farm women in politics, women’s suffrage, community development, improved education for rural children, agrarian and homemaking education for rural women, family recreation, and healthcare.

The community created through The Farmer’s Wife magazine much like Facebook, Instagram, and Tic Tok communities of today, made meaningful contributions to the magazine through Letters to the Editor, article submissions, reports of club and community work, and last but not least, recipes. It was about women connecting with women when many lived in isolated areas with a uniquely rural set of circumstances.

Being a farmer’s wife with a curiosity of agrarian and domestic history, I find the articles in The Farmer’s Wife magazine captivating and informative. I also find it unfortunate that this wonderful glimpse into the lives of our fore-mothers is hidden away in the pages of century-old magazines and newspapers perhaps never to see the light of day.

As a way of showing appreciation for the path that was paved for me by strong women, it is my quest to breathe life into a few of their stories by posting them on my blog, where others like me can celebrate their lives.

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