Cookbook Lady

Hello! I’m Elaine, the Cookbook Lady, and a twenty-first-century farmer’s wife. I collect old cookbooks and read them like novels to piece together the history of rural women in America. I recently stumbled upon a cache of farm magazines and newspapers from the nineteen-teens through the 1930s. These publications enrich and add depth to my understanding of the lives of women living a century ago. Sharing the knowledge and insight that I glean makes up the composition of my blog. I hope you enjoy!


Life on the Farm

On our farm, we have raised many animals over the years including dairy cattle with a pet cow named Marsha, sheep, horses, and a mule named Reba, a couple goats, a dog named Penny, some “farm” cats, a few chickens and a really mean rooster, pasture, a huge garden, and six amazing children who are now the capable parents of our seventeen grandchildren.

Thanks for stopping by.


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