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Hello, again History Lovers!

My post for today is a shoutout to a blog that I recently began following: ruralnchistory.blogspot.com linked HERE

The author posts daily articles from various North Carolina newspapers from a hundred years ago. Her blog takes a broad look at the happenings of the 1920s including arrests made during prohibition, accidents involving new automobiles and drivers, as well as prison breaks, deaths, marriages, and births. It is my morning “read” (much more enjoyable than the current events in our world).

Sunday’s post was of particular interest to me:

Home Demonstration Agent Ola Wells Helping Guilford Residents Raising Chickens, February 20, 1922, linked HERE

Home Demonstration Agents not only helped housewives but also promoted activities and learning for rural school-age children. In the article linked above, Mrs. Wells is encouraging teachers who want to form a Poultry Club in their school to do so. (I guess this would be akin to the after-school programs of today). Children who are interested are invited to contact Mrs. Wells directly.


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    1. Raising chickens around here is very popular and they have become expensive–$13 or more for mature hens. We used to be able to by baby chicks for pennies and now they are $3 to $4 each. Folk seem to get great satisfaction out of raising them…and the eggs are nice too.


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