My Great Purpose for 1923–Part 1

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As the year 1922 was drawing to a close, farm women were evaluating the many facets of their lives and determining where they could make improvements during the upcoming year–just as we ponder our annual New Year’s resolutions. They placed emphasis on improving their homemaking skills and personal character. More importantly, they committed to connecting more deeply with their husbands, children, community, country, and God just as women today. I hope you enjoy the new series “My Great Purpose For 1923.”

Wishing everyone a peaceful new year!

My Higher Purpose for 1923

Very often the mother on the farm thinks she has no time for anything but the daily household duties. With that idea in mind, she becomes a slave to her work and has no aim or purpose higher than to attend to the physical needs of her family. This, of course, is necessary but it is not all that is required of a mother.

I am the mother of five boys, three of whom are living. My help in the house is rather limited. One boy is in college, one in high school, and the third in grammar school.

My purpose is to keep in touch with their school life and work as far as I am able so that I can help them when they come to me for assistance or advice. My purpose is to read and study farm subjects so that I can converse intelligently with my husband and together we can work better and more economically.

In church work, as a Sabbath School teacher, I desire to teach by word and example that the only way is the “straight and narrow way.”

In social life, my purpose is to be clean and honest so that I may, if possible, help others to avoid temptations that may arise. In politics, I hope to be able to lay all party lines aside and vote for the man best suited to the office.

In home life, my desire, and purpose is to try to the best of my ability to be a good home-builder and housekeeper. –A Farmer’s Wife, Pennsylvania

The above article was originally published in The Farmer’s Wife–A Magazine For Farm Women, January 1923, page 260; Webb Publishing Company, St. Paul, Minnesota. Articles may be edited for length and clarity.

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  1. The term “home-builder” implies making better as opposed to “house-keeper” which I interpret to mean keeping the same. I like it.


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